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Training Help Sheets


Help Sheets

Help sheets have been created to provide you and your team with useful information. We add to these on a regular basis so look out for more as they are introduced.

How to be a good boss

People are often promoted to management because they are good at a particular type of job. It is assumed that because they have a highly developed skill they will be a good manager or team leader.    However, it does not follow that the skilled individual will become a good manager!!  Newly recruited team leaders/manager need training and guidance....[Read more]

Motivation and Maintaining Morale

Maintaining morale can be easy when you know that everyone about you is happy, working hard and content with their jobs.   This is when motivation is feeding upon itself and good moods abound.  However, when morale is on the downward slide it is not always easy to spot.... [Read more]


Team Building

A great team doesn't just happen; a great team is built by a good leader with clear objectives and the ability to focus on success....[Read more]


Good Communication

Good communication happens when responsibility is taken by the sender to ensure that the person receiving the message understands the exact meaning that the sender intended.   Unfortunately, we often send out messages without due thought or care resulting in ambiguous or misleading messages…..[Read more]


More Information

You can have access to additional information in the form of Fact Sheets which reinforce delegate's learning having attended a Training Manager workshop.  The information in the Member's Section is restricted to those people who have attended at least one workshop. 


You can refresh your skills and acquire new ones by attending our two hour sessions held in Royston town centre. These workshops help everyone: directors and managers, people in their teams and is also for people who want to improve their work prospects and career development.


Meanwhile, enjoy the Help Sheets which are updated regularly.



Help Sheets